Meir Panim Update
Pesach 2022 at Meir Panim
April 26, 2022

This was an incredibly special Pesach holiday for Meir Panim, both staff, volunteers and our patrons. 

Because of supporters around the globe we were able to:

  • Provide 15,000 Seder Meals 
  • Give 10,000 Holiday Boxes with staple items including matzo, oil and canned goods
  • Share $70,000 worth of Pre-Paid Food Shopping Cards to our community members

All of these elements to help the needy celebrate and bridge the gap to enjoy Pesach were done with the true Meir Panim spirit of giving with dignity and respect. We are honored to be able to be the helping hand for those in need and engaged over 1,000 volunteers in our efforts, from schoolchildren, young adults, families and workplaces. 

In addition to the items above, this was a very special year for Meir Panim as it marks the return to in-person seders at several locations where truly all were welcomed to come and have a warm and meaningful seder experience after a two year break due to pandemic restrictions. 

In addition to our general “all are welcome” seders, we hosted a special seder for a group of 25 Ukrainian refugee families who have just settled in Dimona. These families have experienced true horrors of war, and to be able to celebrate together in their new freedom was especially meaningful.

As we look ahead to the continuation of spring and the season of rebirth we are energized to continue to serve as a safety net and a key partner in breaking the cycle of poverty in Israel.

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