Israelis living below the poverty line


families in economic hardship



Israelis living below the poverty line


families in economic hardship


With poverty on the rise,

what will 2023 look like?

This Passover,
you can help stop the cycle of poverty from growing.

When a family can’t afford to buy food for Passover, they fall down the cycle of poverty.
For generations.

Telling your children that they won’t be celebrating Passover this year “because we can’t afford it” is heartbreaking and unimaginable.

Some may buy food for Passover on a high-interest credit card.

Others will be forced to give up basic necessities like soap, clothing, or even paying their electricity bill to buy some food for Passover.

For so many, the credit card debt, or lack of basic necessities, quickly spiral into a cycle of poverty so vicious it could last for generations. And it doesn’t end there, their kids grow up in a poverty-stricken future, and the cycle repeats.

This year, you can help end the cycle of poverty.
For generations.

When someone just like you gives a little matzah to someone in need, not only are you feeding Israel’s hungry, but you’re also making sure that they don’t fall deeper into poverty to celebrate Passover. You’re giving that family hope for a better future.

A little matzah

goes a long way.

Donate today to provide food and care for the millions of Israelis living in poverty this Passover.