Meir Panim Update
Over 7,600 guest diners at Meir Panim Sukkahs in 5768
January 1, 1970

15,000 holiday food packages were distributed in all of the organization’s branches throughout Israel. The packages included special items for the holiday such as wine, honey, candies and more.

The packages were distributed to the needy, Holocaust survivors, and disadvantaged families. Furthermore, each Meir Panim food center hosted a Rosh Hashanah holiday meal for needy people who were thus able to embark on the New year with a warm meal. The Israeli hotel chains rose to the challenge as their renowned professional chefs prepared the delicious gourmet meals that were then sent to the soup kitchens. Over 7,000 diners participated in these Rosh Hashanah meals.

On Sukkot, which is known for its custom of honoring special guests, specially decorated sukkahs accommodated Meir Panim’s needy guests. Kleizmer bands brought good cheer and music to the diners on the festival and at the “Simchat Beit HaShoeva”.

This year, Meir Panim will continue its tradition of focusing its efforts on diminishing the number of people in the poverty circle. The organization will continue to provide training for single mothers and Ethiopian immigrants and to help create places of employment for special populations.

“We all hope that with the end of the present year, we will see the fulfillment of the divine promise: “The year and its curses will end.” With the new year, we will continue to bring light and hope to people’s hearts, [while praying] that the number of people who need us will decrease,”stated Mr. Yosef Lefkovitz, Meir Panim‘s executive director.

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