Meir Panim Update
Not like everyone else
January 1, 1970

Except for one fact – Meir was busy packing HUNDREDS of school supplies in the Power of Giving Home Center for children he’d never met.

Along with dozens of other volunteer groups in different parts of the
country, Meir and the Lefkovits Bar Mitzvah Mission took time off in
August from their summer routines to help those less fortunate than
themselves by preparing and packing thousands of schoolbags. These
schoolbags were ultimately distributed to Israeli children from disadvantaged families. These schoolbags are not just a necessary item for school but they are a source of self respect for the children who receive them. For many of the children, these bags represent the fact that there are people who care about them and believe in them. To them it is a step in the right direction, a step towards a positive future.

For Meir, and his family, this work was the culmination of a family trip to Israel and a wonderful opportunity to put the emphasis on the “Mitzvah” of the Bar Mitzvah Mission. As Dudi Zilbershlag, the founder of Meir Panim, pointed out to the family, the name Meir means “to light up” and it is a merit and a responsibility for someone with that name NOT to be like everyone else but “to light up” the world around them by pursuing mitzvoth and acts of loving kindness.

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