Meir Panim Update
Memorable Experience at the Jerusalem Restaurant
January 1, 1970

Keen to see for herself the valuable work of the organization and to assist them with new food ideas, Denise spent a whole morning at the restaurant, preparing a scrumptious dish for lunch. The smell of roasted vegetables, brown sugar and cinnamon filled the air and her original dish blended perfectly with the couscous, prepared by the regular staff, to create a meal that delighted the large number of diners.

“I had a fascinating morning with some amazing people who have had to cope with some serious issues and problems” said Denise. “The free restaurant provides them and their families with a hot and nutritious meal, often their only one of the day. Being able to use my cooking skills for such a good cause was a great experience, unlike anything I have ever done before. I am hooked and will definitely be back on my next trip to Israel!”

We certainly hope she will be back very soon. Everyone is looking forward to her next dish!

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