Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim's Summer Camps
January 1, 1970

With no framework, supervision or activities to fill the long days and weeks of vacation, they often take to the streets, a pastime which easily deteriorates into street fighting and vandalism.

To prevent this phenomenon, and to provide these children with a normative, fun and educational summer experience, Meir Panim will operate ten summer camps for disadvantaged children in the following cities: Acco, Dimona, Hatzor (in the Galilee), Kiryat Gat, Or Akiva (x3) Safed (Tsfat), Sderot and Tveria, to serve 350 needy children. The camps will run Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30am until 1pm, for the entire month of July.

The camps are full of fun, fully supervised activities that keep the children off the streets. In addition to the standard arts and crafts, sports, contests and swimming activities, the camps will incorporate special “learning days” on topics including cooking, fine art, music, woodworking, wilderness survival and more. The children will also enjoy at least one outing to amusement parks, museums, etc., every week. Each child will also receive two nutritious meals each day. But most importantly, they will get the love and support they so desperately need in order to thrive.

Nine of the camps will cater to needy elementary school students. One camp in Or Akiva will be exclusively for at-risk high school students.

Camp Objectives

  1. To create a warm, inclusive, supportive and fun environment for disadvantaged children;
  2. To provide a suitable framework for youth-at-risk, helping them avoid their wandering, vandalism, and instances of violence by and towards children;
  3. To prepare the children of today, who are the citizens of tomorrow, for a brighter and more respectable future.

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