Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim’s Or Akiva Branch Lights of Lives Over Chanukah!
December 11, 2018

The entire week of Chanukah, Meir Panim’s Or Akiva branch manager, Ilanit Hafuta had no time to rest. She spent her time, along with her staff of volunteers, spreading Chanukah joy, light, treats and gifts to the city’s struggling citizens.


Ilanit’s warmth and care are well known. This special branch manager has developed close relationships not only with Meir Panim patrons and youth who attend her after-school program, but also with the local police. As so many young people have harsh memories of the police, she felt it particularly important to show that the police are there to help. Now, youth from dysfunctional homes who attend Meir Panim programs look at the police as friends instead of foes.

Meir Panim representatives brought Chanukah spirit and light to residents throughout the neighborhood. They not only delivered donuts but, more importantly, delivered love and care to those who need it most.

Ilanit’s volunteers included an adorable 3 year-old, named Adelle, and a policewoman. They made the rounds bringing gifts and sufganiot donuts to preschools, senior centers and a center for those with Cerebral Palsy.

The following is a thank you note from one of the preschool staff. 



Dear Staff of  Champions and Angels embodied!  

Thank you very much to the branch manager of Meir Panim, Ilanit Hafuta. She is an angel!  

Thank you from the Shir preschool for the gifts, the surprises, candy and donuts. Thank you so much. The children were so appreciative and enriched. We had nothing like it!

May God protect and take care of you. We are so grateful that there are people like you. May you merit health and happiness, abundance, wealth and everything you can want for this holiday. May  you be blessed to see miracles and wonders!

Love and big smiles from Shoshanim preschool who are full of love.

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