Meir Panim Update
Meir-Panim’s Jerusalem Branch Covered in White
January 1, 1970

Those who thought they might not be able to leave their homes in the snow stocked up on food trays beforehand, but those who ventured out were treated to fresh, hot meals as usual.

Early Monday morning, as snow began to fall over Jerusalem and the city slowly became blanketed in white, the residents took refuge from the bitter cold. Meir-Panim, however, rose to the challenge.

When snow was predicted the previous week, the branch director Elchanan and his loyal assistant Albert began to prepare for an emergency situation. The day before the predicted storm, they worked and prepared hundreds of meal portions and distributed them in advance so that the elderly and other regular diners could partake the next day’s lunch in the comfort of their homes, if the weather conditions prevented them from making the excursion to Meir-Panim.

When the forecast indeed proved correct and the city was covered in white, Albert and Elchanan arrived at the branch at dawn in order to cook and prepare hot food and drinks for those who managed to come. The delicious aroma of soup drew many diners who enjoyed a hot lunch, which warmed their hearts throughout the frosty day.

Once again, hats off to Meir-Panim’s team of dedicated employees and volunteers!

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