Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim's Emergency Gaza Relief Campaign
January 1, 1970
Meir Panim’s free restaurant in Sderot was hit by numerous rockets which makes the provision of food almost impossible. We are now trying to put things in order and to continue to provide nutritious meals to the needy.
  • Meir Panim delivers hot meals directly to the homes of the elderly and homebound of the Gaza Region.
  • Bullet-proof vans deliver vital meals to children and families who must remain in bomb shelters.
  • Candies, treats, and games are distributed to children who are engulfed by fear in bomb shelters.
  • 50 Sderot children staying in the matnas in Hatzor in the North received dinners from Meir Panim’s free restaurant in Hatzor and participated in cultural activities. More children are expected this weekend.
  • 100 residents of Niztan in the Gaza district are hosted in Yerucham in the South and  are given meals by the Meir Panim Dimona Branch.
  • Residents visiting other areas of the country are invited to visit Meir Panim’s free restaurants across the country.
  • Meir Panim’s Power of Giving Warehouses are providing blankets, radiators, warm clothes and mattresses to the needy and furniture to victims of rocket attacks.

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