Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim wins prestigious partnership award!
January 10, 2023

On a beautiful afternoon over Chanukah, a group of professionals gathered together in Tel Aviv with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea. This was not a vacation or a party, however, it was a summit sponsored by Latet, Israel’s largest NGO. Latet operates the largest food bank in Israel. 

In our partnership with Latet, they work with many large food producers and secure donations for Meir Panim, both food items that go into our holiday baskets, and also ingredients that are turned into fresh meals at our five Restaurant Style Soup Kitchens. 

The goal of this annual meeting was to help Israel’s neediest citizens and how support organizations can work together to pool resources, share expertise, and brainstorm ideas to address the current economic crisis.

As a part of this gathering, Latet took time to acknowledge key organizations that have gone above and beyond in the last year to collaborate for the best of our community, and we are honored to share that Meir Panim received the award for Best Partner.

At Meir Panim, we are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, and treating all of our patrons with dignity and respect- and the same goes for our partners! We see anyone in the helping profession as a potential partner, or collaborator and are delighted to work together and share resources- all for the benefit of our community in need. 

This is why you can see on our partner’s page how many different non-profit organizations and municipalities we work with, we are committed to doing whatever will help our patrons and are always available to brainstorm ideas to better serve those in need with others in the field.

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