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Meir Panim Passover Campaign Helps Thousands!
May 10, 2016

Passover, arguably one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, is also the most challenging. The Jewish people are commanded to not only re-tell the story of the Israelites’ Exodus from ancient Egypt but also to feel as though they themselves are leaving the shackles of slavery today.

For Israel’s 1.7 million citizens living under the poverty line, it is easy to experience the feeling of enslavement through hunger and impoverishment. Sadly, finding reasons to celebrate is a daily challenge for many.

Especially during a holiday like Passover, which is generally observed by joining family and friend

s for the Seder and partaking in special foods which are often costly, Israel’s poor, elderly and lonely can find the holiday overwhelming.

Meir Panim passoverThis year, Meir Panim is proud to share that thousands of impoverished and lonely Israelis celebrated a happier Passover due to your generous help.

  • 2,300 food packages were distributed, including fish, chicken, produce, matzah, wine, and more
  • 500 people were placed with families for the Passover Seder via the “Kulam BeSeder” program
  • 350 people attended Meir Panim’s Seder celebrations at our six restaurant-style soup kitchens
  • 1,800 pre-paid food shopping cards were provided to those who could not afford to shop for holiday necessities in supermarkets

Meir Panim passover preparationFor the people who benefited from your donations to Meir Panim, Passover 2016 was an opportunity to experience not only a reprieve from slavery but also a bit of freedom from the stress and struggle of poverty and loneliness.

All of us sincerely thank you for your support.


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