Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim on the Front Lines
January 1, 1970

We want our supporters to know that Meir Panim is
on the front lines, delivering food and providing shelter for those affected by the violence.

Meir Panim has increased its production of hot meals to be delivered to shelters in the south
of Israel. Additionally, hundreds of pounds of fresh produce, baked goods, dairy products
and drinks have been sent.

The caring teachers, counselors and social workers of Meir Panim’s after-school clubs are
in touch with the children living in the line of fire, delivering food and providing emotional

Accommodations have been found for hundreds of families, moving them from the south of
Israel to various cities further north. 50 families will be hosted in Maaleh Adumim for the
coming weekend. Hot meals are being delivered to displaced individuals, and host families
are being provided with adequate food for their unexpected guests.

Meir Panim’s branches in Dimona and Yerucham are serving food and snacks for hundreds
of children and families fleeing the affected areas. Games and toys were collected and fun
activities were arranged for the children to lift their morale.

Meir Panim will continue to provide emergency food and other critical support during this

Please join us in our efforts to provide relief to all who are living in the line of fire. Now
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