Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim launches A Chicken For Shabbat
January 1, 1970

The result is A Chicken For Shabbat, a program that provides needy families in Israel with a chicken for Shabbat every week of the year. In order to properly manage and implement the program, the chickens are distributed through Meir Panim, one of the largest providers of food to the needy in Israel. Meir Panim is thrilled to enter into this partnership, which will expand its services to Israel’s impoverished population in a unique and special way.

Every family is entitled to celebrate Shabbat, a day of peace, joy and delicious foods. But what if there is no food to put on the table? What will make Shabbat special if the day is filled with hunger and want?

By providing the basis for a festive and filling Shabbat meal, A Chicken For Shabbat preserves the dignity and joy of Shabbat for families across Israel. Imagine the anticipation of the children as they smell the delicious fragrance of the Shabbat meal cooking. Imagine the pride of the parents at being able to provide a special Shabbat meal for their family. This is the purpose of A Chicken For Shabbat.

100% of all funds collected by A Chicken For Shabbat are utilized for the purchase and distribution of a chicken per week to as many needy families in Israel as possible. Last month, over 1,000 chickens were distributed to grateful families!

A Chicken For Shabbat Founder Bill Forster is delighted at the response to the program so far, “we have expanded our fundraising from one county in Florida to three, and are looking forward to expanding our distribution in Israel.”

We would like to thank The Forster Family Kosher Food Pantry and all the supporters of A Chicken For Shabbat for their generosity, caring and concern. They are truly giving the impoverished of Israel a Shabbat Shalom.

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