Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Hosts an Engagement Party, and Other News!
June 16, 2020

With regulations being lifted and then reinstated, these past few weeks have been very confusing for most Israelis. Trains and busses were running one day and cancelled the next, businesses opened and then closed and when schools reopened, many students were put into mandatory quarantine shortly after. But one thing that you can count on is that Meir Panim is working twice as hard to ensure that their clients receive the food they need regardless of the ever-changing regulations. 


Here are some updates from the recent activities at our Branches:

Or Akiva 

With the recent regulations, our staff has been very creative in using our space to better meet clients’ needs during COVID-19. 

For example, last week the Or Akiva Branch hosted an engagement party! The courtyard was completely transformed with tables draped in beautiful tablecloths and elegant flower arrangements were decorated throughout. The event was beautiful, and all of the guests were touched by the incredible display of care and generosity from Illanit and the staff at Meir Panim.  



All throughout Israel, schools have been reopened but in recent weeks, many schools in Sderot have been forced to shut down again. Recently, one student in Sderot contracted the virus and in an attempt to contain the spread, 1,600 local students were placed into a mandatory two-week isolation period.

As a result, our Sderot Youth Centers have been greatly affected and many teens are unable to join the After School Youth Programs. 

We hope that all Sderot schools will reopen shortly so the Youth Centers can continue to be a safe haven for teens to enjoy! 




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