Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Helps Israel Recover From The Fires
January 1, 1970

The tragic fires in the Carmel Mountains may be extinguished but thousands of Israelis are still suffering the consequences. Homes have been destroyed, neighborhoods have been ravaged and many families are struggling with how they will find their next meal.

“We have all been working together to get a strong group of volunteers interested in donating food and funds for the rescue teams,” said Ilanit Hafuta, Meir Panim Relief Center Branch Manager in Or Akiva. “Volunteers have been working around the clock with incredible dedication and love; they are very happy to be giving back to the brave men and women.

Rest assured that Meir Panim will continue to serve over 1,000 meals daily to those who have been displaced. Meir Panim is working to assist children and families who have suffered severe trauma get counseling; and to provide furniture, home appliances and blankets from our Power of Giving warehouses for families whose homes have been damaged or lost. While the organization can’t project an exact estimate for these specific needs, we will get back to you in the next few weeks with a more detailed report.

According to Hafuta, now that that the fires have subsided Meir Panim will focus its efforts on the families that were evacuated, especially those who have no homes to return to. “We have to try and help those who lost everything return to normalcy,” she said. “We will do everything we can to respond to their requests.”

Please join us in our rescue effort to feed hungry and homeless Israelis who are suffering from this terrible crisis. Meir Panim cannot do this important rescue work alone! Now, more than ever before, Israel needs your help! To make a donation please click here.

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