Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim – Going Beyond Meals
July 21, 2020

Meir Panim is known for their incredible work in feeding the disadvantaged in Israel. From their Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens to their Meals-On-Wheels program, they distribute meals to thousands of hungry Israelis in a manner that preserves their dignity and an array of needs of their clients. But Meir Panim goes beyond meals and our devoted staff responds in truly heartwarming ways.


Meir Panim runs a host of different programs, including Neighborhood Youth Centers in Sderot and a Holocaust Survivor Day Center in Dimona. Last week, Meir Panim’s Tzfat Branch hosted their Annual Eye Examination Day which offered clients testing and new eyeglass prescriptions. 

Pop up glasses store and free eye exams in Tzfat


Additionally, Yehudit, the Tiberias Branch manager, has gone above and beyond for one of our regular clients, Nicola. Yehudit is always looking out for the welfare of our clients and she knew that Nicola’s daughter, who is starting school, won’t be prepared like her classmates. Yehudit managed to secure a brand new backpack and a laptop for remote learning so Nicola’s daughter can be fully prepared for the upcoming school year. Nicola broke down in tears, explaining that if it weren’t for the laptop and Yehudit’s caring attention, her daughter may have missed her first year of school. They were both so grateful and are now eagerly looking forward to starting the new school year!

Meir Panim strives to meet its clients’ dynamic needs in creative ways. With the help of professionals who volunteer their services, Meir Panim is able to offer special services like eye examinations, medical pedicures, and more. Furthermore, donations of products like electronics and furniture help alleviate expenses and allow our clients to pay for utilities and other basic needs. Together, we are making a difference!

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