Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Celebrated International Good Deeds Day in Grand Style, Hosting Events all over Israel.
April 11, 2021

Held every April 11th, Good Deeds Day is an international day of volunteering, established in Israel to unite people from around the world through acts of kindness for one another. The effort began in 2007 with 7,000 participants and has grown to include approximately 2,500,000 participants volunteering in 93 countries. To celebrate, project organizers held mega-events in Kenya, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and more.

Meir Panim joined in the effort, holding events all around Israel:

  • In Sderot, high school volunteers from Meir Panim’s Neighborhood Youth Centers checked and replaced batteries on smoke detectors in the homes of local senior citizens.
  • In Tiberias, Meir Panim received a donation of 600 individual meal tins that can be used to package Take-out and Meals-on-Wheels deliveries.
  • In Or Akiva, near Haifa, students distributed fruits and vegetables and then packed and delivered food baskets to local residents, including the Pardes Chana Ethiopian community. Some of the students were rewarded with makeovers, also provided free of charge by volunteers in the community!
  • In Jerusalem, volunteers from the Ministry of Justice, local volunteers, and student volunteers helped out at Meir Panim’s Jerusalem Restaurant Style Soup Kitchen.

Kindness is a form of giving that brightens lives. We were truly blessed to be able to seize the opportunity to enrich the lives of thousands all across Israel during International Good Deeds Day and year-round. Thanks to our tireless volunteers and unwavering supporters, our aspirations for a better world are becoming a reality each and every day.

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