Meir Panim Update
Making sure nobody goes hungry this Pesach
April 4, 2023

At Meir Panim, the week before Pesach is the busiest week of the year, balancing both providing daily meals to those in need, and preparing for thousands of meals, holiday baskets and pre-paid food shopping cards for distribution for the holiday itself.

Already from the day after Purim, one month before Pesach, we receive hundreds of inquiries for help, both from our regular patrons, and from people who can make ends meet year round, but can not afford the additional expense of the Pesach holiday.

In both instances, we are here to serve as their safety net, and helping hand so that everyone can have a Chag Kasher V’Sameach, and to provide anyone with a festive seder meal.

Here is a taste of preparations underway this week with the help of hundreds of volunteers, both from workplaces engaging in team building activities, school kids who are already off on vacation and hard working individuals who make the time to give back to their community.

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