Meir Panim Update
Lots of activity at the Meir Panim Branches as Israel braves COVID-19’s second wave
August 4, 2020

A second wave of the novel Coronavirus has taken hold of Israel with a record number of infections reported this week. At Meir Panim, the staff are eager to help and ready to serve our clients with a reassuring smile! 


Increase in Volunteers 

In Or Akiva, a local Hip-Hop Dance Camp volunteered at the Branch for the day! They were a great help in distributing large amounts of fresh produce for the clients. Their uplifting spirit and incredible dance moves provided a cheerful atmosphere for our clients and staff to enjoy!  


Produce Distribution 

One of the effective ways Meir Panim has been providing for the needy in Israel is through their produce distribution program also known as the “free shuk”. Meir Panim obtains large quantities of extra produce from local farmers and distributes it at the Branch every Tuesday. Clients show up early and leave with bundles of farm-fresh produce to take home! 


Meeting the Increased Demand 

Meir Panim provides delicious catered meals to thousands of clients each week. During the pandemic, the number of orders for prepared meals has risen. With unemployment still at an all-time high, so many Israelis have suddenly found themselves unable to afford to make Shabbat meals and their tables are left empty. Meir Panim has doubled down their efforts and are preparing large quantities of food – ensuring that everyone has a beautiful Shabbat experience!

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