Meir Panim Update
How Meir Panim is increasing dignity with its dynamic partnerships
July 19, 2021

At Meir Panim, we are incredibly proud of our strong relationships with many outstanding organizations throughout Israel. These relationships allow us to go even further in our mission to end the cycle of poverty for Israel’s impoverished. One of our partners, Leket Israel, an innovative food rescue organization, provided us with an exciting new and innovative product to distribute to our local clientele.

While the product, a single-serve size container of frozen soup, might not seem like a big deal, it is for some. The single-serve frozen soups were a massive hit among our clients. They loved being able to bring the frozen soups home to prepare and eat independently. Why are products like this such a big deal? The answer, we believe, is simple: they provide an unmatched level of dignity for Israel’s impoverished.

Many poverty-stricken families feel afraid or embarrassed to come and eat in our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen. With products like single-serve frozen soups, recipients can quickly and discreetly pick up and bring the product home and cook the food for their family in the comfort and stability of their kitchen. Additionally, allowing the recipient to finish off the cooking process independently gives them a much stronger semblance of normalcy during a difficult time of their life.

Single-serve frozen soups are a prime example of the incredible things we can accomplish together with our string and dynamic partnerships. We aim to give our local clientele the most dignified service possible. We are so proud to work with so many different organizations throughout Israel that help us make this a reality. While the frozen soups have only been distributed in our Dimona branch, we can not wait to distribute products like these to all of our branches very soon.

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