Meir Panim Update
Helping Meir Panim instead of birthday gifts
January 1, 1970

Dear Meir Panim,                  July 1, 2007

My name is Talia Koren and I live in San Diego, California. For my 8th birthday, I asked for donations to Meir Panim instead of presents. I raised $288.00. I chose this organization because I want to help people have food to eat. I hope this helps you. I send to you a picture of me at my spa/yoga home party. I am the one toward the back in the middle, wearing a blue shirt.

Talia Koren

Meir Panim responds:

Talia, you are a real mitzvah heroine! Thank you for your assistance which helped to feed hungry children in Israel.

We wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you always make your parents proud!

Love, Meir Panim

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