Meir Panim Update
From Flatbush to Jerusalem
January 1, 1970

The students were on a one-week Chessed Tour to Israel, and they certainly embodied the quality of chessed that day. The kids were enthusiastic about helping and giving back. Decked out in Meir Panim aprons, they all got to work.

No job was too menial. Whether peeling potatoes or serving lunch, it was done with a smile. The atmosphere was busy and joyous! In every corner of the kitchen, people were happily chopping and peeling, while others were serving the diners.

The behavior of the students was exemplary. They could not have been more caring and courteous towards the restaurant patrons, treating them with dignity and respect.

Rabbi Naftali Besser, Dean of Students, expressed his delight at being able to give the students an opportunity to do something so meaningful.

In the words of student Emma Cohen (who just happens to be the daughter of AFMP board member Allan Cohen), “the visit and volunteer work at Meir Panim was a lifechanging experience.”

We thank Rabbi Besser and his wonderful students for taking the time to lend a helping hand. This was a terrific group, and we look forward to a continued relationship.

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