Meir Panim Update
From A Prayer and a Miracle to Feeding Thousands of People in Israel
August 13, 2015

During a site visit to the impressive Meir Panim food distribution center nearing completion in Kiryat Gat, David (Dudi) Roth, President of American Friends of Meir Panim shared with Breaking Israel News his personal, incredible story that brought him to his life-saving work.

Dudi and his wife Esther were married for more than 20 years yet did not yet have children. “As an Orthodox Jewish couple,” shared Roth, “we knew that the source for all blessings comes directly from God.” Following decades of prayers, Esther became pregnant and gave birth to a girl, Ruchama, in 2001.

“Ruchama is a Hebrew name that means, ‘One who has received mercy’,” noted Roth. “She was born very prematurely and weighed only one pound and one ounce.”

Once again, the Roths fervently prayed for the child to survive. The couple also knew that taking upon themselves extra good deeds can have the potential to open the doors of heavenly mercy wider.

The fragile baby girl survived, and the Roths were able to bring home their healthy baby daughter. “God shined His light on our daughter and helped her to to thrive. I wanted to help others receive the nourishment they needed to survive as well,” Roth explained.

Through friends, Dudi heard about Meir Panim, an organization which strives to supply hot meals daily to impoverished people throughout Israel. This seemed like the perfect cause for the Roths to support in gratitude for Divine compassion on their little girl.

Dudi proudly continued, “Ruchama not only survived but today she is the star student in her class.” At 13-years-old, the Roths wholeheartedly believe that Ruchama is a miraculous example of what giving to others and heartfelt prayers can bring a person.

Meir Panim is proud to have Dudi Roth at its helm. With one-third of today’s Israelis living under the poverty line, Dudi’s tireless work towards ensuring that needy people in Israel get the help they need in a dignified fashion has helped thousands of hungry children and adults live more healthful and fulfilled lives.

Quite possibly, the heart-felt prayers and actions of the Roths when they were in distress have been the catalyst for numerous people around the globe to join the hard work, dedication and generosity which makes Meir Panim what it is today.


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