Meir Panim Update
eTeacher assists Meir Panim's After-School Clubs
January 1, 1970

As a community conscious company, eTeacher decided to support the activities of the Meir Panim organization by donating a percentage of each course sold online to Meir Panim’s After- School Youth Clubs. So far, eTeacher has managed to raise $5,000!

According to the company, “at eTeacher we believe that the charity and acts of kindness performed in
Meir Panim’s centers work toward the goal of tikun olam, perfecting the world.”

The funds were used towards the purchase of sports equipment, art supplies, and extracurricular
activities at the Youth Clubs.

It’s a win-win situation. The Meir Panim children are thrilled to have the new equipment, and the
eTeacher students are delighted to be able to contribute, while learning a new language.

On behalf of the hundreds of children helped by this generous initiative, we thank eTeacher for their kind support.

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