Meir Panim Update
Dimona Mayor Visits Meir Panim Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen
August 14, 2018

Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in Dimona welcomed the city’s Mayor Benny Biton to thank him for the tremendous support by the local Municipality. The staff, volunteers, and restaurant diners greeted Mayor Biton and showcased the work done every day helping the neediest residents of the Dimona community.

Mayor Biton was touched by the commitment of the Meir Panim staff to the well-being of the residents of Dimona, and expressed that he views Meir Panim as a key partner in the overall health of the city. After speaking at length with the staff, volunteers, and diners, Mayor Biton enthusiastically pledged his continued support and funding.

Mayor of Dimona, Benny Biton, sits with Meir Panim staff

A Municipality-employed social worker has an office in the building that houses the restaurant, and is a key resource for identifying clients that are in need of Meir Panim’s assistance. The social worker is also able to distribute packaged meals and pantry items to needy families who are uncomfortable entering the Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen.

Before enjoying a nutritious lunch prepared by the staff, Mayor Biton decided to volunteer himself – getting right to work chopping potatoes for the next round of Meir Panim diners.

Meir Panim thanks Mayor Biton for his time and support!

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