Meir Panim Update
Dimona Branch Manager Visits Nearby IDF Army Base
February 9, 2020

Nissim the Dimona Branch manager traveled to a nearby army base, to pay a special visit to the chef and staff at Ir Habadim. Ir Habadim is the largest army training facility in the entire country of Israel. It is literally the size of a city, and for this reason, it’s called “Ir” which in Hebrew, means city.

Nissim wanted to personally thank the staff at the army base for donating all of their leftover food they send over to our Branch in Dimona.

There is a special relationship between the IDF and the Dimona Branch. This partnership between the IDF and the Dimona Branch has helped feed thousands of  impoverished residents in Dimona and has saved good food from going to waste. The surplus food is prepared by Nissim and distributed to those in need. This has been a wonderful way to make sure all leftover food gets put to good use!  

Additionally, Meir Panim is extremely grateful to the energetic and caring IDF volunteers who take the time to come and help out at the Dimona branch whenever they can.

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