Meir Panim Update
Daily Festivities at The Holocaust Survivor Day Center in Dimona
July 6, 2020

Dimona is home to hundreds of Holocaust Survivors. Unfortunately, many of them live below the poverty line and are unable to afford basic expenses like food. Therefore, Meir Panim made it their priority to set up a Day Center specifically for Holocaust Survivors where not only do they receive daily meals, they also have the opportunity to socialize with friends and participate in fun activities. The Dimona Holocaust Survivor Day Center has become a second home!

Sadly, due to COVID-19 and the danger it presents to the elderly, all operations at the Holocaust Survivor Day Center was suspended. Now, as restrictions continue to ease up throughout Israel, Meir Panim has reopened the Day Center and our clients couldn’t be happier! There were many precautionary measures put into place, but as soon as Meir Panim got the green light to open, they knew how important it was for each participant to have the Day Center back up and running. To maintain social distancing, the members were split into different groups with their own designated time and day to attend the Day Center. The members were so excited to be back as many of them live alone and couldn’t wait to finally spend time together! 

Every day is a new adventure at The Holocaust Survivor Day Center. There are always fun activities planned for our members. Last week, Ilanit, our Holocaust Survivor Day Center manager, organized pedicure stations for our clients to enjoy. There was also a birthday party celebration for one of the members that included a birthday cake, music, dancing and games! 

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, but because of the coronavirus, the commemoration ceremony was rescheduled and just took place at our Center last week. Each Holocaust Survivor received a Medal of Honor for their courage and bravery in the war. The Survivors and staff were so touched to witness this incredible moment.


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