Meir Panim Update
Cook up a dish for yourself, and help the hungry too!
January 1, 1970

Denise explains, “I want to do away with the traditional view of Jewish
food as being heavy and boring, and show that it can be exciting and
varied, reflecting all the food styles of the world. The app will enable the
user to choose from a selection of hundreds of tried and tested recipes
from my popular website, using a search facility
that can search by type (Chinese/French/Indian/etc.), or main ingredient
(e.g. chicken/beef/salmon/etc.) – and it will then present a range of
options, all beautifully photographed and with a full list of ingredients
ready for your next shopping trip.”

The application, which works with all types of smart mobile phones including of course the Apple
iPhone, is priced at $5.99, of which $2 will go to American Friends of Meir Panim. So while you are
finding a delicious recipe to serve your family, you are helping to feed needy families in Israel as

The wide range of over 350 recipes includes all the traditional staples as well Denise’s original take
on some old favourites, for example: chocolate challah pudding, carrot kugel and red paella, her
signature dish.

Just visit or email to enjoy this new online
repertoire of recipes, while helping to feed the hungry.

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