Meir Panim Update
Clean House, Part II
January 1, 1970

It was concerning an 80 year-old man, living alone, in deplorable, unsanitary conditions. His appalling living conditions were such a health hazard that he was sent to the hospital for treatment.

After many hours of hard work, Ilanit and a team of volunteers were able to restore the house to a sanitary and sparkling condition.

Last week, only six months after the initial call, the Or Akiva branch was contacted again regarding the same issue.

Meir Panim decided to tackle the problem at its root. While the gentleman remained hospitalized, Ilanit, together with students of the Mevo’ot Yam school and with the assistance of a local company, completely refurbished the home, allowing the man to live in a clean, healthy and attractive residence, with the dignity he deserves.

Many thanks to all who supported this important effort.

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