Meir Panim Update
Celebrating Shavout with Joy
June 2, 2023

The holiday Shavuot celebrates the Jewish people receiving the Torah during their journey as a nation from slavery in Egypt to freedom in Israel. It marks a key point in Jewish history, commemorated each year exactly 49 days after Passover. The transformation to freedom is particularly meaningful at Meir Panim, where we aim to provide freedom to our patrons from hunger and the challenges of living in poverty. 

Traditionally celebrated with cheesecakes and other dairy delicacies, this year, with the rising cost of food in Israel, and most recently, a 9% increase of all dairy products, this holiday was more difficult than ever for Israelis on the poverty line to celebrate. Meir Panim is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty with dignity and respect. For us, this mission starts with providing Israelis in need, from the working poor to the homeless, with the ability to enjoy and celebrate this holiday along with the rest of the country. 

Meir Panim branches from north to south worked overtime to provide all the dairy elements of the traditional Shavuot holiday for our patrons observing the holiday while continuing to feed thousands of patrons of all backgrounds our signature nutritionally dense meat meals daily. 

In the end, last Wednesday during the distributions for the holiday, it of course was all worth it, being able to share in the joy in the season for thousands of those in need who can take their first step to a better life, towards true freedom from hunger, with the helping hand of Meir Panim staff, volunteers and of course, contributors.

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