Meir Panim Update
Caring for Holocaust Survivors in Pardes Chana
December 2, 2021

Studies have shown that over 45% of Holocaust Survivors living in Israel report feeling lonely. Many Survivors live alone and don’t have someone to look after them. At Meir Panim, we believe that after everything our Survivors have been through, they should always feel like there is someone to give them the care and comfort they deserve. 

That’s why Meir Panim runs a Holocaust Survivor Day Center in the southern city of Dimona. At the center, Survivors can grab a warm meal, socialize, receive vital therapy services, and much more. While this is great for Holocaust Survivors in the city of Dimona, many Survivors living in other parts of the country don’t have access to social events like these.

At Meir Panim, we don’t let distance get in our way when it comes to Holocaust Survivors around the country. We go out of our way to bring events and services to Holocaust Survivors wherever they are in Israel to ensure that they never feel alone.

Thanks to the work of our Or Akiva branch manager, Ilanit, and the rest of our dedicated volunteers, Holocaust Survivors in the city of Pardes Chana were treated to a beautiful morning breakfast. 

The event allowed these Survivors to see old friends, make new ones, and feel like they belonged to a larger community. The wonderful spread of food, the company, and the efforts of Meir Panim brought the Holocaust Survivors so much joy and reassurance that they are not alone. And of course, in typical Meir Panim fashion, our beloved Survivors were greeted with a smile, warm food, and open arms as they enjoyed their beautiful breakfast. 

Holocaust Survivors have been through unimaginable hardships. Holocaust Survivors, especially those living in remote towns and villages around Israel, require extra care to ensure they never feel alone or forgotten. Meir Panim is committed to providing the necessary services to keep our precious Survivors nurtured and stimulated so they can live their best lives possible. 

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