Meir Panim Update
Blessed Buy By Israel
October 28, 2019

The High Holidays, especially in Israel is a busy time. Jewish families throughout the country pick up meats, vegetables and other ingredients to whip up the best holiday meals for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur’s seuda and Sukkot. Given the buzz, it would be surprising to find time to volunteer. Meir Panim, learned of great stories, friendship and connections of the heart supporting the High Holiday 2019, #HelpJudith Campaign.

One such family, by the name of Wearp, did the extraordinary by volunteering in Jerusalem. The family of 5 boys not only took time out of their schedule — the family runs and operates a company called Blessed Buy Israel. The goal of their business model is unique, where every product sold is made in Israel with the United States with proceeds going to support Israeli families that live in the West Bank, or as also known, over the green line. 

It was an honor, not only a pleasure, for Meir Panim to watch this incredible family in action and  spend time with them. One of their son’s shared the following:

It was a great privilege and blessing to be a part of Meir Panim, even if only for a day. A good friend and I used to minister to the homeless in Southern California for many years, meeting them on the streets, feeding, clothing and praying with them as friends, but it never occurred to me to lift them up with such dignity and honor (serving in a restaurant) as I saw in Meir Panim. The heart and wisdom of the Jewish people always enlightens me and gives me a deeper understanding of Ha Shem’s ways.

Thank you for all your work and service! For a recap of all of the support by the community for Meir Panim’s 2019 High Holiday campaign to #HelpJudith, please click here.


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