Meir Panim Update
Bat Mitzvah girl chooses to raise funds for Meir Panim to help sponsor meals for a class of children in Israel.
January 1, 1970

A beautiful card was sent with her invitation, asking friends and family to join her in support of Meir Panim.

She also made a beautiful and touching speech highlighting Mother Rachel’s trait of lovingkindness and care and concern for the children of Israel, which she chose to emulate in honor of her becoming of age. Here is an excerpt of her speech:

“ Each one of us has a piece of Rachel in us. We each have the power to sacrifice for our nation, to perform acts of kindness, and to be leaders as Rachel was. The relationship that Rachel has with the Jewish nation is an example to the special relationship between a mother and child. The fact that she dedicated herself even after her life shows that there was no end to her care and concern for her people.
In following the example of Rachel I chose to raise money for the Meir Panim Soup Kitchens in Israel. I feel that showing our care for the children in Israel is a wonderful way to mark my beginning as a Jewish Woman. My goal is to feed 300 children for a year. I want to thank all those who have been so generous and helped me to reach this goal.”

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