Meir Panim Update
Barbecuing on the Frontlines
November 30, 2023

At Meir Panim, our mission is to treat those in need with dignity and respect and support our community facing hunger and food insecurity. We love when our patrons dine in at our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen locations so we can provide a community, but we also want what’s best for them and make it easy for patrons to take out meals or have home deliveries through Meals on Wheels. 

Recently, with over 360,000 troops called up to reserves, in addition to those in mandatory service, there are so many people who need an extra layer of support and care. Meir Panim has risen to the challenge and hosted festive barbecues, both on base, on the front lines, and even at our branches if our troops can get a break for a few hours.

We are honored to take care of those who are putting their lives on hold, and on the line, and it is a true joy to give them a bit of festivity and delicious meals made with love!

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