Meir Panim Update
Badge of Honor Awarded to Mr. Sasson Amit, member of Meir Panim–Power of Giving Administration
January 1, 1970

The “Kol Ha’Ir” Newspaper presented Mr. Amit with the “My Jerusalem” badge of honor for his many years of activism and accomplishment as a member of volunteer organizations for disadvantaged populations.

Sasson Amit began his career of giving as a young teenager and has not stopped helping to alleviate situations of deprivation and distress ever since. As a businessman who brings with him organizational and promotional skills, he joined forces with Dudi Zilbershlag, Chairman of Meir Panim in running Meir Panim’s national logistical network of supplying and delivering food to the needy, including the elderly, immigrants, children, families in crisis and Holocaust survivors.

Amit is also an active partner in Power of Giving, an organization responsible for projects involving rehabilitative employment for immigrants and the elderly who renovate and repair second-hand appliances, which are stored in Power of Giving’s national network of storehouses until distribution to the needy.

“[Earlier in my career], I was a photographer at the Beilinson Hospital and I photographed events which included children who were sick with cancer. At the end of the 90’s, I met Dudi Zilbershlag and then I really entered the arena of activity which is under his aegis,” recalls Amit, when asked about the motivating factors behind his tireless volunteer work. This senior manager’s dedication to volunteering has encouraged many other businesspeople to devote themselves to important causes as well.

The highlight of Amit’s work has been helping to establish the “Growth Center” which specializes in diagnosing and providing remedial learning for children with Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities from disadvantaged families. This enterprise is located in the Wolfson Medical Center, and is run jointly with the Variety Club of Jerusalem and medical professionals from Hadassah- Ein Kerem Hospital, together with financial sponsors including the Gaydamak Foundation.

All of Amit’s involvement with any project, from the conceptual stage until operation, is done on a purely voluntary basis, which underlines the dedication that has earned him the badge of honor for his contribution to the city of Jerusalem.

Photo: Production and Documentation Department

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