Meir Panim Update
Back to school with the Scherl's
January 1, 1970

The family, extended family and friends all piled into the Meir Panim–Power of Giving Home Center in Jerusalem and spent the afternoon packing pencil cases and school bags to be delivered the next day to needy children across Israel.

The families organized themselves into assembly lines and no one was left out – every hand was needed to get the job done. In one day, in the sweltering warehouse, hundreds of knapsacks were packed and boxed ready for immediate delivery.

Each volunteer also spent time volunteering in the Meir Panim Free Restaurant located down the block and helped put smiles on the diner’s faces and food on their plates. Some volunteers settled themselves in the kitchen slicing vegetables for salads while others were dishing out food onto trays to be carried by the children to the diners. The smiles and expression of gratitude were catchy and no one knew who was enjoying themselves more – the volunteers or the diners.

In addition to all their invaluable work, the Scherl group also raised a generous amount of money to provide hot meals to school children in the coming school year.

Meir Panim wishes a warm Mazal Tov to Jenny & Isabel on becoming Bnot Mitzvah and hopes that they continue in the footsteps of their parents and family by making chessed a priority in their lives.

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