Meir Panim Update
At Meir Panim, Every Day is Jerusalem Day
June 6, 2022

In honor of Jerusalem Day, this year marking 55 years since the reunification of the city, we are excited to share an insider perspective into Meir Panim’s Jerusalem branch, a place that creates miracles every day for those in need.

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, just blocks from the central bus and railway stations and a ten-minute walk to the famed Machane Yehudah market, Meir Panim Jerusalem feeds hundreds of patrons in need from all walks of life each day. Anyone who comes through the front doors is greeted with a warm smile and welcome and ushered inside to sit down and be served a hot nutritious meal, with dignity and respect. 

Most recently, in honor of Jerusalem Day, we added signage to the exterior of our branch to to ensure that everyone in need knows they can come to us for help all year round, but especially on celebratory day like Jerusalem Day, and to raise awareness about our mission and work. 

The timing of this could not be better as tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are settling here in Israel, we have several new families and individuals coming into Meir Panim Jerusalem for a helping hand.

As always, our goal is to make sure each person who steps through our doors feels comfortable and have Ukrainian speaking volunteers ready to help these new patrons get on their feet with not only meals but any other support services we can provide as they make the transition to their new lives in Israel. 

Recently, Venera, a volunteer originally from Ukraine came all the way from Florida to help these new refugees. She spent the week in our Jerusalem branch cooking, preparing, serving and caring for all of our patrons, but most closely connected with the refugees who came in for help.

With the the help of volunteers like Venera, our Jerusalem branch not only provided the city’s newest residents and needy with a festive Jerusalem Day, but with a greater sense of community and beloginess. Other photos of our branch in action including other amazing volunteers, staff and patrons.

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