Meir Panim Update
Another successful summer!
January 1, 1970

All the children who attended our day camps were referred to us via our after-school youth clubs or the local welfare departments.

If not for the summer camps, many of these kids would be home alone, or wandering the streets,” said David Roth, President of American Friends of Meir Panim. “Day camp ensures that the children are spending their vacation in a safe, stable and fun environment.

The programs were exciting and diverse.

Here are some of the highlights of this unforgettable summer:

  • Pool Days
  • Trip to Superland amusement park
  • Safari Day
  • Jerusalem Day: Campers were showered with treats and gifts from local vendors at the Old City and capped off their day with a visit to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.
  • Trip to the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun: Campers learned about Israel’s rich history of bravery and patriotism. At the end of the visit, the children were given medals, for their own acts of “heroism.”
  • Road Safety Day: Campers were taught invaluable skills on how to keep safe on the often dangerous, city streets.
  • Chocolate Day with Dr. Golan Fadida-Peleg: Campers were treated to an interactive chocolate workshop where they tasted and created the most amazing chocolate treats.
  • Good bye party with the IDF: the children enjoyed an outdoor barbeque with IDF soldiers, who volunteer regularly at Meir Panim.

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