Meir Panim Update
A Visit from Texas Teens
January 1, 1970

On Monday, November 28th, some 20 twelfth graders from the Beren Academy of Houston took some time from their Israel Tour to spend the day at the Meir Panim youth center. At first, the young children were a little overwhelmed, but soon enough friends were made, piggy-back rides were offered and relationships were forged.

The children were the ones offering food this time. One by one, they came out of the kitchen with plates filled with steaming hot food, in honor of their special guests. All the kids enjoyed their hot lunch (for some of them, their only hot meal of the day).

After that, the action began. Ilanit, the devoted director of the club, led everyone to a nearby sports field where the children enjoyed a wonderful soccer (and basketball) game.

Being that it was the day after Rosh Chodesh, everyone was treated to snacks and goodies. When it was time to say goodbye, many faces turned sad. The young children simply did not want to let go of their new American friends.

Many of the visitors expressed their strong desire to remain connected with the children of the Club.

We thank the Beren Academy staff and students for taking the time to put a smile on these children’s faces and look forward to a continued relationship with our new friends.

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