Meir Panim Update
A Very Special Purim
January 1, 1970

He considers the club his family.

Maor has always dreamed of becoming a police officer, and whenever a local group of officers comes to volunteer at the club (as part of their giving back to the community), Maor’s enthusiasm knows no bounds.

This year Ilanit Hafuta, Director of Meir Panim’s Or Akiva branch, prepared a special surprise for Maor:

Maor had volunteered to help Meir Panim distribute Mishloach Manot. Purim morning, a police car came to pick up Maor. He was given a uniform and was driven around town, where he distributed the Purim gift boxes to those less fortunate.

As Maor made his way around town with his deliveries, he brought smiles everywhere we went. He was filled with pride, both from the uniform the uniform he was wearing, and as he realized he could give as well as receive.

This was an unforgettable day for Maor. He got a tour of the police station, met the commanding officer, received a SWAT pin and spent the day in the company of his heroes. And he experienced the joy and satisfaction of giving back, just like the officers he so admired.

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