Meir Panim Update
A Super Summer with a Super “Savta”
January 1, 1970

When the American family returned home, they did not forget Y. They decided they wanted to help her attend summer camp.

“Savta” (Grandma) Esther, who runs Meir Panim’s after-school club in Kiryat Gat, reported that Y. was needed at home this summer. Her mother needs to work, leaving 11-year old Y. to look after her five-year-old sister. Y.’s vacation days would consist of cleaning up, preparing lunch and going to the nearby park if not too hot, which it almost always is.

The family graciously offered to pay for both girls to attend camp, but Y.’s shy little sister refused to go.

Savta Esther wouldn’t give up! With the family’s consent for the money to be used differently, she came up with a solution.

Now the girls have their own personal day camp, with Savta Esther as their counselor, driver, and friend. Savta Esther, who just turned 65, picks up the girls and takes them out – swimming, the mall, the movies … She takes them to lunch, does arts & crafts with them, and generally makes sure they have a fun-filled summer!

This is what Meir Panim is all about – helping people in whatever way is needed.

And with the help of such special people – young and old, pen-pals and donors, staff and volunteers, friends and supporters – Meir Panim can continue to do more where it’s needed most.

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