Meir Panim Update
A special gift for students in need in Tzefat
April 14, 2020

Meir Panim wants to send a big thank you for a very special donation we received this week. 

A donor from New York, who has a special connection to a particular school in Tzefat, wanted to do something special for their students. This isn’t just any school, this is a school that caters to children that come from troubled and needy families. 

To ensure that no student would have to go hungry during the holiday, he decided he would send each student their own box of matza. He turned to Meir Panim to help make this happen. Due to his generosity, Meir Panim was able to purchase all the matzot needed! The matzot were picked up by the principal of the school, who then distributed it to the students.

Meir Panim is a proud partner in making this holiday special for these kids!

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