Meir Panim Update
A Schoolbag for Every Child
January 1, 1970

It is difficult to describe the excitement and the light in the eyes of a child who is walking to school on the first day of studies with a schoolbag full of new supplies on his back; in comparison with that child, imagine the frustration and sadness of the child whose parents cannot afford to supply him with the same happiness; who, as a result of the cruel reality in which they live, have to view school supplies and a schoolbag as luxuries.

To meet this need, Meir Panim’s Power of Giving warehouses distribute new orthopedic school bags containing a pencil case, writing materials, notebooks, binders, school diaries, geometry tools, paper for covering books, etc. to needy students (grades 1 through 12) after receiving a referral from the Welfare or Absorption Ministries.

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