Meir Panim Update
A New Twist on the Traditional Soup Kitchen
January 1, 1970

The Safed free restaurant will operate under new and expanded conditions.

The municipality will “hire” 15 elderly people, who will prepare and serve the food, and essentially run the restaurant every day, mornings through lunchtime. Instead of a salary, they will receive a stipend in the form of a monthly food card. The branch manager will be the only paid worker.

During the afternoons, the restaurant will be used by the municipality as an after-school club, and will serve as a warm refuge for at-risk youngsters, who will be offered support, extra-curricular activities, and a hot meal.

The benefits are considerable.

Since the site will be operated in conjunction with the municipality, there will be no property taxes, which can run very high.

Additionally, there will be a large decrease in salaries and maintenance fees, since the municipality will be supplying the necessary manpower.

Of course the biggest benefits are to the many people who are served by Meir Panim.

The existing restaurant is slated to be fully renovated, thanks to a generous donation from Strauss-Elite.

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