Meir Panim Update
A New Meaning to the Power of Giving
January 8, 2024

Meir Panim has been at the forefront of war relief efforts during these difficult days in Israel and has been providing for thousands of front-line troops and displaced families daily since October 7th.

This effort and expanded mission have been incredibly meaningful for not only those who are able to receive a helping hand, but also for our staff and volunteers, and of course supporters who make this work possible.

Part of how Meir Panim was able to jump right into support efforts from the very first day of the war is our existing infrastructure and network of community connections.

Just last week we were able to utilise our Power of Giving Warehouse near to our Dimona branch to provide furniture and some basic home goods to a displaced family who has temporarily resettled in the area. With government reports preparing our displaced families closest to the Gaza border to be away from home at least through September, many are trying to create as much consistency and feeling of “normalcy” for their families, in this for the long haul.

The Power of Giving Warehouse, an amazing Meir Panim initiative which houses donated but completely functional furniture, household items and appliances is a key element in creating a new albeit temporary home.  Connecting with our branch manager, Nissim, displaced families are able to come in and assess what would suit them and their families in their resettlement efforts. With a new larger truck and a few strong volunteers to help with loading and unloading, Nissim was able to get the furniture to them the very same day, as we like to say, service with a smile! 

The family, while bearing the most difficult times of their lives, in the midst of the most harrowing crisis of a generation, was able to come in and feel taken care of with a warm greeting and Meir Panim’s ethos of dignity and respect. For many of these families, needing help for the first time in their lives, Meir Panim is a refuge of friendship and relief. We are honored to be able to be a source of strength and support in partnership all year round, and in this time of crisis.

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