Meir Panim Update
A Celebration of Love
January 1, 1970

On that day, Mr. Alvandi decided to celebrate not only his 60th birthday but also his most precious gift: his wife, Sima. The Alvandis requested that in lieu of gifts, donations should be made to help Meir Panim provide for the needy of Israel.

Rebecca, the daughter of Khosrow and Sima, commented on the wonderful party. “My parents have taught me many lessons in my 25 years of existence, but one
that stands out is the power of giving. On November 25th, 2007 I was a part
of the ultimate form of giving that transformed into the most love-filled
evening I have ever experienced.

Not only did it turn out to be a heartfelt evening full of joy and
happiness, but with the help of our wonderful guests, we were able to raise
just over $2,000 for our friends at Meir Panim to share with our friends in
need of our support and love in Israel.

The great success of the evening was a reflection of the success behind my
parents’ relationship in their ability to give unselfishly, not only to one
another, but as well to those around them. They’ve always been and remain
my inspiration!”

Meir Panim thanks the entire Alvandi family for their generosity and support of the crucial services of Meir Panim. May you continue to find happiness and success throughout your lives.

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