Hundreds of thousands of women in Israel live in poverty.

Growing up in poverty, breaking free can be nearly impossible, no matter how hard you try. That’s why Meir Panim created a new program to provide these women with the key to a successful future, breaking the cycle of poverty for a lifetime.

With no one to turn to, thousands of women are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty for generations.

While providing them with the immediate relief they need at our local branches, Meir Panim witnesses the day-to-day struggles of women living in poverty. For these women, the path to finding a better-paying job, getting an education, or starting a small business is blocked by endless obstacles.

We’re there for her, and you can be too.

In partnership with the Dimona municipality and the organization Oganim, Meir Panim piloted a life-changing program called “Al Telchi Levadech –Don’t Go Alone” to provide job training and education for 15 women each year.

Just a few things that Al Telchi Levadech provided to allow its participants to focus and succeed in the program:

career guidance

Job placement


Financial counseling

Drivers license
exam fees

Grocery shopping

With the support and tools given to our participants, they began their journey towards a new life of self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Support and guidance every
step of the way

Given the tools to maximize their full potential in the workforce and the caring support of peers and professionals, participants can tackle a world of endless possibilities.
In only six months, “Al Telchi Levadech ” changed the lives of 15 women, 15 families, and 15 generations.

Break the cycle of poverty,
one family at a time.

When you donate to Meir Panim’s Al Telchi Levadech program, you’ll provide these women with the key to success, breaking the cycle of poverty for a lifetime.