Meir Panim Update
Volunteer Spotlight: Diamond of Judah Tour
July 15, 2019

Earlier this month our Or Akiva branch was brightened and enlivened by an incredible group of volunteers. Participants on the Diamond of Judah tour hail from all over the United States. You are an amazing group of Christians committed to supporting Israel. Thank you for carving out special time, to give back, during your recent tour of Israel.

We are so appreciative for all your support!

Hope you enjoyed participating in our Tuesday morning “shuk” Market! Thank you for organizing, sorting and distributing the truck filled with farm-fresh produce where a truck full of donated farm-fresh produce.

Right from the start, our volunteers came ready to get your hands dirty. Literally, from the start, as this was your first full day on the ground in Israel. You jumped right into bagging, sorting and meeting our clients. With faces full of warmth and love, you distributed food to needy Israelis.  Your thoughtful gifts for our clients, of children’s clothing,  useful kitchen items as well as donations gathered from members of your church, are so valuable and appreciated by needy Israelis.
Susan Coller, one of our British Manna Meir Panim board members,  joined us in facilitating the volunteer efforts and serving as an organizational representative.
Thank you for all your efforts. We were so touched and inspired by the motivational story you shared, with our kind-hearted volunteers.
Check out Susan’s video clips chronicling the Tuesdays volunteer experience at Or Akiva! Your insider perspective is both fun and motivating.
We look forward to the better serving the impoverished Israelis at the Tuesday volunteer experience under the newly shaded courtyard of our center.  Thank you for your generous pledge. Hope to see you soon, in the shade!

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