Meir Panim Update
Tiberias Features Special Volunteers
November 26, 2019

Our branch manager in Tiberias,Yehudit, relocated from a Gaza adjacent city a number of years ago. She still has a daughter and grandchildren living near Gaza.
After days of constant rockets in early November, it was safe enough for people to travel on the roads. This prompted her daughter to want to drive to northern Israel for some relief. Unfortunately, that ceasefire, as the world soon came to know, was breached by the terrorists. Israelis don’t know when disaster will strike and wreak havoc on their lives.

Ultimately, Yehudit’s daughter and grandchildren spent that afternoon volunteering at a Sderot youth center greeting teens that had come in for refuge. Thanks to you, we were able to provide all of them, Yehudit’s family and the teens, a sense of calm in a safe place.

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