Thousands of IDF soldiers are fighting for the safety of our citizens.

While busy taking care of Israel’s impoverished, Meir Panim stands by our heroes in times of need.

Who takes care of the
protectors of Israel?

The brave men and women of the IDF are fully committed to fighting for the safety of our citizens in the Land of Israel. Thousands of soldiers risk their lives to defend and protect the State of Israel, sometimes without any family in Israel to care for them.

Our sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters are the very protectors of Israel, inspiring us with endless selflessness and courage. While Meir Panim works around the clock to protect the citizens of Israel from poverty and hunger, we don’t forget that our soldiers need our help too.

Meir Panim stands by the IDF at the frontlines

Inspired by the grit of our soldiers, Meir Panim reports to the frontlines, especially in times of crisis and war. By providing IDF soldiers with wholehearted support, reinforcement, and encouragement, our soldiers know we care about them and appreciate their sacrifices.

When 7,000 lone soldiers serve in the IDF without a support system in Israel, Meir Panim fills the gap. By providing them with hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, and food packages, these young heroes know that they’re not alone.

Show our soldiers that they’re not alone

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